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Estimation Book
Estimation Book

About Author: Mohammed Haroon

The author has 23 years of experience working in 5 countries i.e. in Australia, Qatar, Saudi-Arabia, UAE and India as well. Presently providing training for all Civil Engineers & Architects (Diploma, Degree & Master) in preparing estimations of High-rise Buildings at AL-Madina College of Chartered Quantity Survey Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad, T.S, India.

A Practical Book for Building Estimations 

(By Mohammed Haroon)

For all Civil Engineers & Architects (Diploma, Degree & Masters)   

Free Preview & Free Download 125 pages of 615 pages  

About Book: Brief details

Formats & Procedures of Calculations for Commercial & Residential Buildings
Bar Bending Schedules
Reinforcement Calculations
Concrete Calculations
Wooden & Iron Shuttering Calculations
Bitumen Paint & Vapour Barrier Calculations
All finish work  with frame work calculation including, Columns, Beams, Slabs, Staircases, Ramps, Parking Platforms, Brick work, Plastering, Wall putty, Paint, False ceiling, Flooring, Room Chajja or Loft, Sunshades, Kitchen platform, Lintels, Over-Head water tank, Wood calculation for Doors & Windows, Abstract & B.O.Q.

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Contents of Book


Topics under Quantity Surveying

Types of Footings

Plain footing, Step footing, Isolated footing, Plain Combined footing, Shoe-footing, Isolated Combined footing, Raft footing, Pile footing, etc. 

Types of columns

Square or Rectangular Column, Circular Column, L-type column, T-type column, V-type column, Arc-type column, Hexagon type column, Y-type, Link or Stub column, etc. 

Types of Beams

Tie Beam, Strap Beam, Plinth Beam, Drop Beam, Inverted Beam, Cantilever Beam, Con-sealed Beam, etc. 

Types of Slabs

Flat Slab, Conventional Slab, One-way Slab, Two-way Slab, Hardy Slab, Waffle Slab, Hollow core rib-slab, Pitch Roof, Slab with arches, Sun-ken Slab or Depressed slab, Low roof, Loft or Chajja, Dome Slab, Post-tension slab, Pre-tension slab, Cable Suspension Slab, Grade Slab, Sun-Shade, Kitchen Platform, etc. 

Types of walls

Brick Masonry wall (10cm & 20cm thick), C.R.S wall, R.R.S wall, Shear wall, Retaining wall, Drop wall, Load bearing wall, Pre-cast wall, Curtain wall, Core-wall, Parapet wall, Boundry wall or Compound wall,  etc  

  • Types of Stair cases
  • Types of Ramps
  • Earth work Excavation & Back-fill Calculations
  • Unit conversion-one/two/three -dimension conversion.
  • Length calculation.
  • Area calculation.
  • Volume calculation.
  • Module-I -Sub-structure calculation [Item below ground level].
  • Module-II -Super-structure calculation [item above ground level].
  • Module-III -Reinforcement calculation for R.C.C and Steel structure.
  • Module-IV -Computer Application (MS Excel sheet and Auto-cad).
  • Module-V -Project work. 

we customize courses as per your requirement


  • R.C.C- Footings
  • P.C.C-under Footings
  • Neck column
  • Tie beam and Strap beam
  • P.C.C,under Tie beams
  • Plinth beam or Ground Beams.
  • P.C.C.under Plinth Beams
  • Retaining wall
  • P.C.C,under Retaining wall
  • Water calculation
  • Rectangular sump
  • Circular sump
  • Septic tank
  • Lift pit
  • Earth work Excavation calculation
  • Back- Fill calculation
  • Abstract for the Quantity of Sub-structure.`
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Concrete proportions and Ratios with mix-design     
  • Area of shuttering in m2
  • Area of bitumen paint in m2
  • Area of termite control in m2
  • Area of polythene sheet or Vapour Barrier  in m2
  • Reinforcement in Kgs or Tones


  •  Floor columns
  • Floor beams
  • Floor slabs
  • Stair cases (Typical & Semi-Circular)
  • Ramp (Straight & Semi-Circular)
  • Parking plat-form
  • Brick work (No. of bricks required)
  • Cement: Mortar required for brick work & Plastering
  • Wall putty calculation
  • Paint calculations in Litres (Emulsion paint & Enamel paint)
  • False-Ceiling Calculations in m2
  • Flooring Calculations (Marble tiles, Vitrified tiles, Parking tiles & inter-lock tiles)
  • Wall Skirting Calculations
  • Wall Tiles (Ceramic Tiles) calculations
  • Wood calculations for doors & windows
  • Doors & Windows Fittings (Tower bolt, door handle etc)
  • Windows grill, Glass, and Iron gate calculations
  • Over-Head Water tank Calculations
  • Plumbing & Sanitation Details
  • Expansion Joint Details
  • Calculations for Pre-cast Walls, Columns, Slabs etc.
  • Calculation for the miscellaneous item (Lintel, Loft (Chajjas), Window Sunshade & Kitchen Platforms).
  • Abstract for the quantities of super structure
  • Bill of quantities for super structure
  • Honey Comb details
  • All Calculation on MS Excel Sheet (Computer) 

Bill of Quantities (B.O.Q)

  • Submittal report for the approval of materials
  • Project Stages Report
  • Project Deliverables Report
  • Weekly Report & Monthly Report
  • Variations
  • Value Engineering Meeting
  • Minutes of Meeting
  • Workshop
  • Tender Documentation
  • Procurement
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