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Quantity Surveying
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Quantity surveying Syllabus

Note: Course Duration 60 working Days for Quantity Surveying Course and each class will be of 03 hours

(03 x 60  = 180 hours + Live Project work)

Topics under Quantity Surveying

Types of Footings

Plain footing, Step footing, Isolated footing, Plain Combined footing, Shoe-footing, Isolated Combined footing, Raft footing, Pile footing, etc. 

Types of columns

Square or Rectangular Column, Circular Column, L-type column, T-type column, V-type column, Arc-type column, Hexagon type column, Y-type, Link or Stub column, etc. 

Types of Beams

Tie Beam, Strap Beam, Plinth Beam, Drop Beam, Inverted Beam, Cantilever Beam, Con-sealed Beam, etc. 

Types of Slabs

Flat Slab, Conventional Slab, One-way Slab, Two-way Slab, Hardy Slab, Waffle Slab, Hollow core rib-slab, Pitch Roof, Slab with arches, Sun-ken Slab or Depressed slab, Low roof, Loft or Chajja, Dome Slab, Post-tension slab, Pre-tension slab, Cable Suspension Slab, Grade Slab, Sun-Shade, Kitchen Platform, etc. 

Types of walls

Brick Masonry wall (10cm & 20cm thick), C.R.S wall, R.R.S wall, Shear wall, Retaining wall, Drop wall, Load bearing wall, Pre-cast wall, Curtain wall, Core-wall, Parapet wall, Boundry wall or Compound wall,  etc  

  • Types of Stair cases
  • Types of Ramps
  • Earth work Excavation & Back-fill Calculations
  • Unit conversion-one/two/three -dimension conversion.
  • Length calculation.
  • Area calculation.
  • Volume calculation.
  • Module-I -Sub-structure calculation [Item below ground level].
  • Module-II -Super-structure calculation [item above ground level].
  • Module-III -Reinforcement calculation for R.C.C and Steel structure.
  • Module-IV -Computer Application (MS Excel sheet and Auto-cad).
  • Module-V -Project work. 

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  • R.C.C- Footings
  • P.C.C-under Footings
  • Neck column
  • Tie beam and Strap beam
  • P.C.C,under Tie beams
  • Plinth beam or Ground Beams.
  • P.C.C.under Plinth Beams
  • Retaining wall
  • P.C.C,under Retaining wall
  • Water calculation
  • Rectangular sump
  • Circular sump
  • Septic tank
  • Lift pit
  • Earth work Excavation calculation
  • Back- Fill calculation
  • Abstract for the Quantity of Sub-structure.`
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Concrete proportions and Ratios with mix-design     
  • Area of shuttering in m2
  • Area of bitumen paint in m2
  • Area of termite control in m2
  • Area of polythene sheet or Vapour Barrier  in m2
  • Reinforcement in Kgs or Tones


  •  Floor columns
  • Floor beams
  • Floor slabs
  • Stair cases (Typical & Semi-Circular)
  • Ramp (Straight & Semi-Circular)
  • Parking plat-form
  • Brick work (No. of bricks required)
  • Cement: Mortar required for brick work & Plastering
  • Wall putty calculation
  • Paint calculations in Litres (Emulsion paint & Enamel paint)
  • False-Ceiling Calculations in m2
  • Flooring Calculations (Marble tiles, Vitrified tiles, Parking tiles & inter-lock tiles)
  • Wall Skirting Calculations
  • Wall Tiles (Ceramic Tiles) calculations
  • Wood calculations for doors & windows
  • Doors & Windows Fittings (Tower bolt, door handle etc)
  • Windows grill, Glass, and Iron gate calculations
  • Over-Head Water tank Calculations
  • Plumbing & Sanitation Details
  • Expansion Joint Details
  • Calculations for Pre-cast Walls, Columns, Slabs etc.
  • Calculation for the miscellaneous item (Lintel, Loft (Chajjas), Window Sunshade & Kitchen Platforms).
  • Abstract for the quantities of super structure
  • Bill of quantities for super structure
  • Honey Comb details
  • All Calculation on MS Excel Sheet (Computer) 

Bill of Quantities (B.O.Q)

  • Submittal report for the approval of materials
  • Project Stages Report
  • Project Deliverables Report
  • Weekly Report & Monthly Report
  • Variations
  • Value Engineering Meeting
  • Minutes of Meeting
  • Workshop
  • Tender Documentation
  • Procurement
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